The Best Reason to Leave a Job

The reasons behind leaving a job vary from person to person. There are three main reasons, I think, that people stay in a job even if they’re unhappy or unfulfilled: (1) they truly love what they do, (2) they make a lot of money, or (3) they feel like they can’t get a different job*.Continue reading “The Best Reason to Leave a Job”

Judging Debates

About two weeks ago, an intern from Wooster High School asked if I would be willing and/or interested in being a debate judge. I pointed out that as an office assistant, and not a lawyer, I probably wasn’t qualified to judge a debate. As it would seem, anyone is welcome to judge these high school studentsContinue reading “Judging Debates”

3 Key Ingredients to Gain Clients

First off, I am not angry – or at least, not angry any longer. Rather, I’ve accepted that sometimes things just don’t work out, and that the cosmos are trying to tell me something: “Hey! Listen!” Stop looking for other options and finish what you started! This began a couple of weekends ago after IContinue reading “3 Key Ingredients to Gain Clients”

Five Features for the Right Procedures

I believe that changes, procedures or otherwise, are going to receive some kind of dissent. These five things should help the transition.

Are Millennials ONLY Technology Volunteers?

You find value in your tech knowledge, and potential employers will too – as soon as they see a title that they can associate with what you know.

5 Suggestions for Creating an Effective Survey

There are infinite ways to create a survey, and not all of them are effective and/or accurate. Here are some key points for how to create great surveys!

Random Encounter: Wind Chimes?

I’m surprised they didn’t send me back outside, especially when you consider that this was in downtown Reno which is known for oddballs. But they didn’t. And I respect them for that.

Different Generations in the Work Force: Our Base Separators in 3 Words

I love being tech-savvy! I believe it allows me to assist my co-workers, friends, and family in their computer endeavors! But I don’t know if this is inherit, or a product of my time.