3 Good Reasons for Marriage

To start, if you aren’t dating someone, you shouldn’t be thinking of marriage. Dating is supposed to be a way to determine if the person you are with is the person you want to be with for all time. If you can imagine a future without that person, you shouldn’t be dating them – inContinue reading “3 Good Reasons for Marriage”

10 Wedding Don’ts?

So, now that I’m about 100 days from the big day, I’m reviewing Dos and Don’ts… if perhaps a bit late – but whatever. I just found a post talking about 10 Wedding Don’ts, but I feel like there are things I’ve gotten right but others that I disagree with. 1. Don’t be a Superbride.Continue reading “10 Wedding Don’ts?”

Extra Life – Play to Pay

Just like my Bio on the Extra Life site says, I was raised by a single mom of two girls who kept me happy and healthy. Unfortunately, not all kids have a mom who can do the same, or maybe they have an illness that they just can’t beat, or maybe they just can’t findContinue reading “Extra Life – Play to Pay”