Wolf’s Rain Inspired

I was first introduced to Wolf’s Rain in 2008 and became enraptured by it. I loved the characters and their dynamic and the story was so touching and so heart-wrenching at times that I was brought to tears – sometimes slow and sweet sometimes hard and desperate. Always, I loved them.

I’ve done a painting of the main characters, and created them virtually in the Sims countless times, but haven’t brought them into my jewelry. Until Now.

And I love them just the same.

I used natural materials to represent each of the core wolves, and tried to stay true to my style while still demonstrating the connections. I have found that these connections are the three core relationships throughout the story.

  • Cheza is the lotus flower. I know she is the creation of a lunar flower, but I feel like the lotus is a beautiful portrayal of her essence. Kiba is the pure white shell bead connected to Cheza. They are one, after all. And one cannot exist without the other.
  • Represented by the Tigereye stone is Hige with his love Blue, the Lapis stone. Hige, the goofy softy, with Blue, the lonely fighter. Theirs is one of comfort and contentment.
  • The final relationship contains Tsume, the black Agate, and Toboe, the mother of pearl. Tsume, the aged and hardened soul, with Toboe, the excited and naive youth. Theirs is one of adoration and protection.

I look at my creation and feel a fresh and renewed love of Wolf’s Rain. I hope that others see it and feel the same. For those who feel connected to it as I do, please consider viewing it on Etsy.

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