Geek Chique: Custom Decorative Mirrors

gcMirrors Shinecone 2018
Geek Chique at Shinecon 2018

At the Shinecon convention last month, Tim and I discovered a new company that we couldn’t resist buying from. God knows we tried to talk ourselves out of it:

*mumble mumble*

“… we don’t need it…”
*mumble mumble*
“… but where would we put it?”
*mumble mumble*
“… it must be very expensive…” 
*mumble mumble* 

*mumble mumble*
“… it’s still here…”
*mumble mumble*
“… it would really go well in the game room…”
*mumble mumble*
“… the price isn’t too high…”
*mumble mumble*
“shit. We have to get it.”

Ultimately, it was the best thing we did over that trip to Vegas.

Geek Chique Thanos Infinity War

When we got home, we were both more excited to look at that mirror than any of the other items we had brought back. The mirror itself is a piece of art, and it’s beautiful.

From Marvel’s The Infinity War (1992), Thanos is the focal point of the piece. It’s so incredibly perfect for Tim and I because we both share a love of the Marvel universe.

The mirror caught our eye, but the artists are what sold the deal. It wasn’t until that second day when we asked for the price that we learned about what the artists went through to make these mirrors.

Each one is hand made, and is the embodiment of what each artist loves and wants to share with the world. The image is etched onto the mirror – not painted – so there’s no fear of it coming off over time. The frame is covered in scenes from the comic/manga/etc. where the image is sourced from.

Every mirror is one of a kind and will not be re-made or duplicated.

The artists believe that each piece is unique and means something to them, so it should mean something to the person who buys it. And it does. Outside of what the buyer feels about the piece, it means even more knowing that it’s yours, just for you, and no one else will ever have anything just like it.

I’m currently in the process of building their website!

Once the site is up and running, I’ll do another post!
I hope you can check it out!

Have you bought one of their artworks? What’d you think? Comment below.

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