3 Good Reasons for Marriage

To start, if you aren’t dating someone, you shouldn’t be thinking of marriage. Dating is supposed to be a way to determine if the person you are with is the person you want to be with for all time. If you can imagine a future without that person, you shouldn’t be dating them – inContinue reading “3 Good Reasons for Marriage”

Begin Building the Empire

I think a lot of commentary I saw online at the start of President Trump’s term predicted that Trump was going to be like the Emperor (aka the Sith Lord, aka the Supreme Chancellor) and take our rights and freedoms away. They were wrong. Well, partly wrong. The rights and freedoms have been taken away,Continue reading “Begin Building the Empire”

10 Wedding Don’ts?

So, now that I’m about 100 days from the big day, I’m reviewing Dos and Don’ts… if perhaps a bit late – but whatever. I just found a post talking about 10 Wedding Don’ts, but I feel like there are things I’ve gotten right but others that I disagree with. 1. Don’t be a Superbride.Continue reading “10 Wedding Don’ts?”