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Kiminy Cricket

Kimberly currently works full-time as a Project Manager with IGT-Reno while simultaneously attending the University of Nevada,Reno (UNR) in pursuit of a Masters of Science in Information Systems (MSIS) with a focus on Management.
Kimberly is also an active member of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution (NSDAR) Nevada Sagebrush chapter, and currently serves as Webmaster for their website and as Chairman for various committees, including Public Relations, Social Media, and Volunteer Information Specialist (VIS).

Go Ahead, Be Zealous

Zealous as in “spends a lot of time or energy in supporting something that they believe in very strongly” from Collins, 2017. I want to have encounters with zealous people who are passionate about something because those people are the ones who inspire me to reflect on myself in […]

Discussion vs Lecture

In my opinion, if you are not able to consider someone else’s argument, you have no business opening a discussion. Furthermore, if you aren’t willing to discuss a topic, it is not longer a discussion, but a lecture wherein there is no growth, improvement, or sharing of knowledge. […]

Judging Debates

About two weeks ago, an intern from Wooster High School asked if I would be willing and/or interested in being a debate judge. I pointed out that as an office assistant, and not a lawyer, I probably wasn’t qualified to judge a debate. As it would seem, anyone is […]