How to Block Websites

As I’m searching for different wedding related items, I am consistently bombarded with JJs House. And I REFUSE to link to their site because I already tried to work with them and had a truly bad experience. I tried to cancel an order before it was made, and they weren’t going to let me. ActuallyContinue reading “How to Block Websites”

Extra Life – Play to Pay

Just like my Bio on the Extra Life site says, I was raised by a single mom of two girls who kept me happy and healthy. Unfortunately, not all kids have a mom who can do the same, or maybe they have an illness that they just can’t beat, or maybe they just can’t findContinue reading “Extra Life – Play to Pay”

Face My Fears – Why Do I Listen on Repeat?

Performed by Utada Hikaru as the opening song for Kingdom Hearts III – not my favorite video game – but, Face My Fears haunted me for months. I kept finding myself listening to it on repeat… Why? I’ve been trying to figure this out ever since I asked if we could do a cover versionContinue reading “Face My Fears – Why Do I Listen on Repeat?”

I am Led by Light

The following means a lot to me, but I will tell it in the shortest way possible… When I was 5 years old, my father committed suicide. I don’t often discuss this occurrence, but as I have grown older, I have come to realize that his decision has influenced most of my own decisions. IContinue reading “I am Led by Light”

Changing domain from “Consult Button” to “Kiminy Cricket”

I know a brand name change isn’t easy, but I felt like it was time to move on. And, I didn’t choose Kiminy Cricket half-haphazardly. Let me tell you why: The Origin of Cricket In 2014, I worked for Silver Legacy Resort Casino first as a Front Desk Agent, and then quickly promoted to aContinue reading “Changing domain from “Consult Button” to “Kiminy Cricket””

My Six Stages of Self Change

Building a Bridge as you Walk on It is not a book I would have chosen to read on my own because, in all honesty, I have a tendency to avoid books that feel self-righteous when you read the cover; however, if I hadn’t read this book at this particular moment, I don’t know ifContinue reading “My Six Stages of Self Change”

5 Reasons Kingdom Hearts III was Disappointing

There is an explanation as to why I didn’t love this game as much as I wanted to: I grew up. Kingdom Hearts was my first introduction to RPG games, and for that reason I will always love the series, but somewhere along the way, it stopped being my favorite. After some soul searching, IContinue reading “5 Reasons Kingdom Hearts III was Disappointing”

Does intent matter?

It was recently inferred by someone that because I gave a man a compliment on his clothes, he and I were having an affair. What didn’t matter in this situation was my intent. I would never have an affair with anyone except Tim (who I’ve been with forever and is my other half), and why should they care anyway? Don’t they have their own lives to focus on? So, now I wonder: “did they say this because they were bored? Because they’re not happy?”

My Patriot: George Taylor

Proving your lineage is not necessarily easy, but it is very rewarding. For me, going through the process of researching my roots – where my family came from – was a journey. And I’d like to think that it was the best kind of journey: the kind that doesn’t end when you choose to stop.Continue reading “My Patriot: George Taylor”

Post Brain Surgery: Return of the Band

I was watching The Avengers: Infinity War (for like the umpteenth time) and that scene where Tony’s all, “The Avengers broke up…” and Bruce is all, “Broke up? Like a band?” – that quote reminded me of my band. Except my band didn’t break up, I just left. I didn’t want to, but that’s life. Between school, work, my DAR activities, and God knows what else, I just couldn’t handle it.