My DiSC Assessment – iS

To many folks who know me, I’m sure it does not come as a surprise that I fall into the iS slice of the DiSC pie chart. Not only because of my master’s degree in Information Systems (IS), but also because of my intuitive and supportive personality.

In reference to this DiSC assessment, iS means that my priorities are: (1) valuing collaboration, (2) generating enthusiasm, and (3) giving support.

What does it mean to be an iS personality as a Project Manager?

The upside?

I build trust relatively quickly because I am loyal to my team and I take the time to understand who they are as a team and as individuals. I encourage collaboration and inclusion for decisions and solutions – especially since I don’t know everything. I express enthusiasm for new ideas and people, and I try to keep the energy high amongst my team.

The downside?

I struggle with negative feedback or constructive criticism, but I do internalize and reflect on it to see if it should be addressed. I dread forcing my team to do things, I feel like there must be a better way than by force. I prefer working with people who are driven to be successful, doing just enough to get the job done frustrates me because I feel like it should be given more effort.

What ultimately motivates me as an iS Project Manager?

Herein lies the question that drives me: “how can I be the best I can be, and how can I help my team to do the same?”

I’ve always put my team ahead of myself, and I do my best to make sure that they can do their job without roadblocks, and if they trust me, I know that they will ask for help if they need it.

Final Words?

What I find interesting about these assessments is that they tend to get relatively close to explaining you. However, the important thing to remember is that these assessments DO NOT define who you are, but simply give another perspective.

My advice is to take in what you read about yourself and reflect on what you can do to improve how YOU see YOURSELF.

Kim Wirshing – DiSC Assessment –
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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