Go Ahead, Be Zealous

Zealous as in “spends a lot of time or energy in supporting something that they believe in very strongly” from Collins, 2017.

I want to have encounters with zealous people who are passionate about something because those people are the ones who inspire me to reflect on myself in order to look for changes, without them I wouldn’t be continuously improving. The problem I’ve seen with stating something like this, is the negative connotation that is connected with Zealots. An interesting blog that I found called Scripture Zealot looks further into the negative connotation for Zealots and Zealous. Now, I would not consider myself to be religious, but I think there is an interesting connection between religion and zeal, even if it is often negative. However –


Being a zealot is not always a bad thing.


I believe that the core of a zealous person is passion, and I believe that being passionate is what forces change (good or bad). On July 4, 1776, the Declaration of Independence was agreed upon in order to Unite the original 13 colonies of America. If those involved had not been zealous enough to pursue the acceptance of this document, the United States of America might not have ever existed.

I believe that I am a zealous person.

I recently discovered a website called The Zealous Mind, and the representative of this page, Patricia Parkinson, has a mission: “empower zealous minds to embrace their multi-dimensional nature, pursuing diverse interests for the sake of creative [fulfillment], financial well-being and human evolution.”

Her words are inspiring, and only further convinced me that we should all be zealous about something. We need to accept our unique abilities (all of them), and channel them into a new, and evolved future. With all of the fear and anxiety that currently exists in our society, and all of the titles and stereotypes that we apply to each other, wouldn’t it be better to say, “Hey, I’m different, and that’s okay. I want to do this because I believe in it, but that doesn’t mean that you have to.”

I want to hear your thoughts.
Do you believe yourself to be Zealous?

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