The Best Reason to Leave a Job

The reasons behind leaving a job vary from person to person.

There are three main reasons, I think, that people stay in a job even if they’re unhappy or unfulfilled: (1) they truly love what they do, (2) they make a lot of money, or (3) they feel like they can’t get a different job*.

Every job that I have ever had has taught me something new. And every job that I take is better than the one before it, though always for different reasons (income, benefits, opportunities…). Sometimes there are multiple reasons to leave, and sometimes not. When I left Creative Specialty Apparel, I was overworked, underpaid, and had no benefits. By moving to Washoe County, I became less stressed, was paid better, and received benefits – a triple win! I recently left my position with Washoe County, but not for the same reasons. My work load will be comparable, my pay is considerably less, and my benefits are limited to UNR health insurance – of which I’m still not 100% sure what is entailed.

Goodbye, Desk! I’ll miss you!

The thing is, my last day with Washoe County was bittersweet because I actually liked the people I worked with. Unfortunately, the position I held was not challenging to me.. and I needed more. I tried to stay working within Washoe County, but every position I applied for was rejected for lack of experience. Even on appeal, I was still rejected – despite being a dependable worker, and a college graduate. Finally, for my own sanity, I was forced to look outside of the County to find a job that would help me to learn and grow.

Through a series of events, I was selected to be the Graduate Assistant for three professors in the IS department at UNR. Imagine my surprise!!! All those months of rejection from Washoe County – basically telling me I wasn’t good enough – and then WHAM! Acceptance into my field! And now I have this amazing opportunity to prove myself as a capable and intelligent IS student and assistant.

So what is my final word of advice? What is the best reason to leave your job? Simple, to better yourself.

Anyone can be successful!
All you need to do is look at what you don’t like in your life, balance what you can afford to lose/gain, and make a change!

If you agree, share this and help others to better themselves too!

There are many, many reasons that people stay in a job when they are unhappy, but I picked these three reasons due to my situation with the CountyI did study this in the of Spring 2017 through the Behavioral Management Coarse with Dr. Bret Simmons – amazing coarse with an amazing professor, and I would highly suggest taking it. 

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