Random Encounter: Wind Chimes?

Why were my ears ringing???

It wasn’t the Rock & Roll (though I really thought that The Rolling Stones had finally beaten my poor ears into submission – not that it would stop me from listening at full volume). No, the truth is, once I took off my earphones, I realized that the sound was coming from wind chimes.

Not the high-pitched wind chimes that you often see around town, but the kind of wind chimes that resonate, that echo across the air.

The sound was so beautiful… I had to find the source.

Looking around, I realized that the chimes were above my head. This shocked me because I had jogged this way multiple times, and had never heard them before. When had they been put there? And by whom?

The answer: Floss.

I know, it sounds odd that I would connect wind chimes with floss, but it gets better: Floss is a Dental Boutique. None of that really makes sense if you take it apart, but it isn’t meant to be separated. The truth is, all four of these things go together.

Floss' Wind Chimes
Floss Wind Chimes

Me being me, I decided that I wanted to go in and tell whomever was there about how much I had enjoyed their wind chimes. To my surprise, they welcomed me, and proceeded to tell me about their company which was recently opened by Reno local Dr. Summer Kleidosty.

As Kristi, the Dental Assistant, toured me around and told me about the space, I found myself charmed by the design which combined the unique, original features of the house with modern and efficient technology. I didn’t feel like I was in a dental office, I felt like I was at the Atlantis Spa getting a facial or a pedicure. Floss doesn’t offer pedicures, but they do offer something that you wouldn’t expect: Botox treatments.

I have never seen anything like this. For me, teeth cleanings are more of a necessary chore – one that I always get into trouble for because I don’t floss regularly. But the idea behind Floss is to intertwine dental treatment with the calm and peaceful atmosphere of a spa. And despite my appearance, everyone in that office shook my hand and treated me like I mattered, just like at a spa.

I mean, you have to remember, I was a stranger that walked in talking about wind chimes. Really? And lets not even mention that I was dripping sweat from my jog and wearing my Pokemon hat. I’m surprised they didn’t send me right back outside, especially when you consider that this was in downtown Reno which is known for oddballs.

But they didn’t.
And I respect them for that.

The best part of this interaction though was the positive energy. I could feel warmth emanating from every room, and from each person I was lucky enough to meet. It is these kinds of interactions that make me so thankful to be alive and able to share time with other people in my community! I really hope that I get the opportunity to talk with them further!



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