Who’s the Boss: Disease or Me?

Let’s play “who’s the boss: disease or me?” There are things happening to me that terrify me. I lost the battle for my body – as my weight continues to climb – and I accepted this… … but then, the battle for my hair began. On Monday, September 3, 2018, I took my regularly scheduled morningContinue reading “Who’s the Boss: Disease or Me?”

Helpful Password Creation Methods

Providing some kind of directions for creating passwords can be beneficial for helping users to create complex passwords that are easy for them to remember

Five Features for the Right Procedures

I believe that changes, procedures or otherwise, are going to receive some kind of dissent. These five things should help the transition.

5 Suggestions for Creating an Effective Survey

There are infinite ways to create a survey, and not all of them are effective and/or accurate. Here are some key points for how to create great surveys!

Protecting Our Innocents

I believe strongly in supporting my community, in helping people, in the greater good. However, if I were ever to run into the abusive parents, I don’t know what I would do.

Random Encounter: Wind Chimes?

I’m surprised they didn’t send me back outside, especially when you consider that this was in downtown Reno which is known for oddballs. But they didn’t. And I respect them for that.

Not All Trolling is Bad

Don’t look at trolls as the Big Bad Wolf. They’re not. They are just people who have a access to the internet, and can say and do things online – the same as you, they just do it differently.