Random Encounter: A Woman After My Own Heart

Christine Virdee
The Lovely Christine Virdee

I found inspiration the other day in the most unlikely of places: the Nordstrom Rack. An unlikely place because (a) I had never been there before, and (b) I don’t get paid until Friday, so I really wasn’t interested in shopping. Regardless, my mom and I were out enjoying the cool, summer evening, when a lovely but unhappy lady – whom I had never met before – appeared. I don’t recall how our conversation started, but I absolutely recall how she made me feel.

First off, I have to tell you that I had been in what I call a “huggy mood” all day. Ensue dialogue between myself and my supervisor earlier that morning:

Me: “Have you ever had those days where you just want to hug everyone?”
Supervisor: *gives me a look* “Absolutely not.” (She’s not a hugger)
Me: “Well, I don’t mean you, and I’m not going to hug anyone, but I just feel… I mean, if I had to pick a color to describe myself right now, it would be pink. Not pink, like, bubble gum pink but-”
Supervisor: “Pepto bismal pink?”
Me: “No!” *laughs* “More like… peachy pink, a soft peach pink.”

Now that you know my state of being, you can better understand what Christine and my mom were both having to deal with: a chirpy, smiling, “peachy pink” person. Mom was used to it, but Christine was not, and she had had a bad day. The source of the bad is unknown, but I wasn’t willing to leave that store until I had lessened whatever it was that was bothering her.

I offered her a hug. She smiled.

As easy as that, I made a friend, and oh, what a friend!

Christine is talented, amazingly talented. She told me she was a photographer, and I’m thinking “models” – but no. Her specialty is landscapes, and her photographs are the kind of quality that you would see in the media as an example of the best our Earth has to offer. I asked her if she had any favorites, and if I could see them. We went to her Instagram (approval needed) and she showed me some of her works. I was simply blown away, and I told her so. There are a lot of photographers in the world, but I think that Christine’s works are truly worth taking the time to view. And actually, I saved some of the ones that caught my eye so that I could show them to you:



  The inspiration for me came in when Christine told me that the image of the Tulips reminded her of me… “If I had known you when I posted this, I would have tagged you.”

I felt honored. If Christine could look at me – a virtual stranger – and see pink tulips, I must be doing something right in the world.

Thank you, Christine, for inspiring me to maintain my “peachy” personality!

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