Voiceover: Mononoke Opening

Twas a sad day when I realized I would not be able to share this video on Youtube. I spent hours tracking down the sound files I needed and then altering them to fit with the video, and I was heartbroken when YouTube rejected my work.

I know Studio Ghibli has the right to block the use of their art, but I was so proud of my project.

So, even if my page is shut down, I wanted to share it here and talk about it.

Creation Process Quicknotes:

  1. Pulled video clip from my copy of Princess Mononoke.
  2. Pulled background music from online.
  3. Pulled sound effects for trees and “writhing” sounds.
  4. Combined the background elements together to match with video.
  5. Added my voice as narrator.

While I’m no Keith David, I loved this movie so much. And I wanted to share a part of myself with it.

If you want to know more about how this process was done in a more detailed manner than quicknotes, let me know, I’ll do a part 2. ❤

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