Requiem for Mom

Oh, the “Lilies of the Field,”
     do you remember that film?

Amen, Amen we used to sing together
     and laugh until the end.

You taught me so much goodness, and to give love
     no matter who or what.

If I can share this, just a piece,
     I know I won’t get lost.

You called me daughter and best friend,
     but you were just one thing.

Mom. I loved you. Oh so much.
     I won’t forget, I’ll dream.

I’ll keep you close. I’ll remember the good,
     and try to learn from the bad.

And one last thing – so you know it’s me –
     “to the moon and back” and beyond.

I do plan to sing this at some point… it wouldn’t feel right calling it a requiem if I didn’t. Plus, while my reading tries to stay upbeat, inside my heart aches and that can’t be expressed with smiles in the way that the reading does. But you’re welcome to listen below:

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