Extra Life – Play to Pay

Just like my Bio on the Extra Life site says, I was raised by a single mom of two girls who kept me happy and healthy. Unfortunately, not all kids have a mom who can do the same, or maybe they have an illness that they just can’t beat, or maybe they just can’t find what’s wrong.

For a parent, it must be devastating to watch your child struggle and be unable to help.

Cushing’s Disease, though horrible to deal with, didn’t hurt me until post-high school. By that point, I was an adult and could handle the confusion and pain that came with an illness I couldn’t fight against. To be honest, it took 10 years before I finally got the treatment I needed. But in that time, my mom must have been heartbroken and agonized over my pain. She had to watch as I struggled with my depression and anger, and yet she could only hold me as I cried.

I can’t imagine what it would be like to be a parent with a sick child and be unable to get them the medical attention they need.

Thus, when a co-worker of mine at IGT announced to our studio that they would be gathering volunteers to play games to raise money for children’s hospitals, I joined!

Protecting the innocent is etched into my soul, protecting those who depend on me even more. These kids will never know me or those who believe in my cause, but they will have a better chance of survival – and that is why I’m here. I am to be a guardian angel, and I want to help.

How can you help?

These kids won’t know us, nor us them, but it’s worth it.

I promise.

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