Post Brain Surgery: Return of the Band

I’m mixing all kinds of Meta in this post because I’m just weird like that. Return of the Band (Jedi.. HA!).

Anyways, I was watching The Avengers: Infinity War (for like the umpteenth time) and that scene where Tony’s all, “The Avengers broke up…” and Bruce is all, “Broke up? Like a band?” – that quote reminded me of my band. Except my band didn’t break up, I just left. I didn’t want to, but that’s life. Between school, work, my DAR activities, and God knows what else, I just couldn’t handle it.

Josh (Bass) | Chris (Keyboard & Effects) | Kimberly (Singer) | Darin (Drums) | Devin (Guitar)
Unto Others circa 2016

So why go back now?
Especially after brain surgery?

Because I miss them. I miss my band. I miss singing with them. So, I’m going back. And I hope to God that I can be what I was, to sing how I once did, to be a part of something greater than myself with people who love to make music as much as I do.

I’m not the same as I was in 2016, but I don’t think this will work against me. Perhaps I’m wrong, and perhaps I won’t be able to perform how I used to, but by God, I will do my best to do what I love most: sing.

Here’s what I think will help me as a post-surgery singer:

1. Excess Warm-Ups

I used to be able to get away with a few scales as a warm up with maybe some T’s and S’s for pronunciation, but I don’t think that will work anymore. I’m going to need to do at least an hour of warm-ups vocally. Plus, I think I should maybe look into some additional breathing exercises outside of what I already know.

2. Self-Assess for Pain

I’ve been getting blood tests and MRIs since the surgery to make sure that everything in my brain and body are doing okay. However, this doesn’t mean that I can become lax in determining my mental and physical status. If I feel light-headed or gain an abnormal headache, I’ll need to stop. As much as I love singing, I need to be careful not to harm myself irreparably.

3. Remember: It’s a Hobby

Last time around, we gained some real attention from the locals – specifically from Shane Whitecloud on Rock 104.5, Reno’s Rock Station – and the stress was overwhelming. We all felt a real push to become the best, and I think that’s what ultimately cracked me. This time around, I feel more in control of myself and I will make more of an effort to be calm and rational – no more teenager responses from this gal!

I know we can do amazing things, we just need to stay calm and remember why we’re all here: because we love music!


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