Films: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

November 2008 was when The Boy in the Striped Pajamas was released, and I only just saw it yesterday. What a fool I was to have missed this film until now.

Remember my post on how music makes a film? Well, once again, James Horner touched my soul; rendering me speechless and heart-broken. This film touched me not only because of the music, but because of the story.

The story reminded me of someone whom I loved dearly…

My Great Grandmother was one of many to leave Germany after World War I, and my Grandpa passed away in 2010 without having said much about his Mother. However, he did share some of her story with me in May of 2008, just shortly before the release of this film.

How could I have missed a movie that was set in almost the same time frame as the story I was hearing?

Grandpa didn’t talk about World War II…

Grandpa was born in 1934 and may have been too young to recognize what war meant. It occurs to me now, that he would have been the same age as the lead character in this film: Bruno, who was only 8 yrs old. My Grandpa would have been capable of making the same assumptions, helping a forbidden friend in need, walking unknowingly into an unforeseen fate.

Grandpa wasn’t in Germany during World War II…

If he had been, who knows where I would be now? No, my family is not Jewish, but being Jewish did not mean you were without flaws and thereby punishable by the German Nazis. The evils depicted in this film, as well as those depicted in films like Schindler’s List (1993), were accurate. And I have to say that NOTHING will ever be on the same level as Schindler’s List… that film is in a class of its own. None shall ever be its equal.

Watch these films… remember what a Nazi truly is. Don’t think that throwing around the term Nazi should be done lightly… To be a Nazi is to be truly evil: to mass murder people of a religion because you believe they are not human and do not deserve to be treated as humans – this is true evil.

Today, I thank God that we do not have Nazis.
I thank God that we have not fallen to the horrid depths of WWII.

I thank God.

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