Cushing’s Recovery: Skin Products 2

Sadly, the original product plan didn’t work. After one month, my skin was worse: rashes and additional breakouts. I still think that Drunk Elephant is a good brand, but it’s just not right for me. 

I’ve been doing some intense research on what possible products I could switch to. Lucky for me, there is a site that helps determine if a product has Salicylates in its ingredients: Fibro My Algie. I think it’s a German site, but the search feature is in English and it queries through a massive database of ingredients that have been either proven (manually) or assumed (automated) to contain Salicylates. 

Bad news bears: everything I looked at from Sephora and Ulta were flagged, and I looked at the products that were supposed to be good for sensitive skin or were marked as hypoallergenic. No go. The ingredients for the products being sold by these companies contained Salicylates.

My newest game plan is to use Cleure. I just placed an order for travel/test sized products for a total of $49.90, w/shipping & no tax:

Body Lotion Travel$6.00
Face & Body Wash – Oily Skin, SLS Free Travel$4.00
Facial Lotion – Oil Free Relief for Sensitive Skin$15.00
Glycerin Face/Body SLS Free Bar$4.95
LM Foundation Sample 1 gm – Fair$4.00

Everything Cleure sells is the most basic of ingredients and does NOT contain Salicylates.

UPDATE? No go Cleure too. The face lotion was too drying, and I just didn’t feel a change after two weeks. So where did that leave me? Neutrogena for sensitive skin face wash and lotion… but that didn’t work either… the search continues. 😦

If you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear them.

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