Cushing’s Recovery: Skin Products

Remember at the end of yesterday’s post?
When I noted which products I’m using?


Those products are BAD.
They have a pH level of 9.
(You should only use 5.5 to 6.5)

thumbnail_ImageInstead, I have new products to try, and it’s all thanks to Melissa at Sephora. I swear, I don’t know how I got so lucky so as to find this amazing woman. She flew into Reno 11/18 (yesterday morning) and is flying back out sometime today/tomorrow. She is an absolute angel! She appeared to me out of nowhere and helped me to see some very important facts:

  1. I’m allergic to Willow Trees; therefore, I’m allergic to salicin – which comes from willow bark – and is often used in salicylic acid.
  2. Everything I was using had high pH levels.

Now I’ve used almost everything I could think of over the last 10 years to try to help my skin: Clinique, Lancome, Kiehls, Mario Badescu, Cetaphil, Yes-to-Tomato, Neutrogena, SheaMoisture, Bobbi Brown, Dior, etc. I’ve tried so many products that it’s literally ridiculous.

As it turns out, most companies don’t realize the importance of pH levels in their skin care products… or perhaps they don’t care. For example, Carolyn Ash tested the pH levels of Clinique’s 1-2-3 treatment and the only thing with a semi-low pH was the liquid cleanser – why use the rest? It will only make your skin worse.

Getting away from that depressing statement (because I once was an avid supporter of Clinique), let me tell you about what I AM excited to be using now: Drunk Elephant.

I know, I know, sounds silly, right? But what if it’s not? What if this is the break I’ve been waiting for? I believe it is. I have faith in Melissa, and I have faith in her knowledge.

The products listed below are equivalent to a skin BRAT (banana, rice, applesauce, toast) diet – aka super bland, but meant to help heal. And I will use all of them as directed.

Month 1

  1. DRUNK ELEPHANT, PEKEE BAR SOAP: cleanse face only at night.
    morning: ok to rinse face with warm water, no soap
  2. DRUNK ELEPHANT, JUJU BAR SOAP: use in shower.
  3. DRUNK ELEPHANT, LALA RETRO: use morning & night.
  4. CAUDALIE, GRAPE WATER: spray on face to hydrate as needed.
  5. APRICOT SEED OIL: use in leu of lotion.
  6. BAREMINERALS, COMPLEXION RESCUE: foundation, use as desired.
  7. CLINIQUE, LASH POWER: mascara, use as desired.
  8. BITE, AGAVE LIP BALM: use as needed.

Month 2

  1. Use all products from Month 1.
  2. DRUNK ELEPHANT, B-HYDRA: use in morning.

Month 3

  1. Use all products from Month 1 and Month 2.
  2. DRUNK ELEPHANT, T.L.C. FRAMBOOS: use at night.


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