Spironolactone: does it help?

The following is highly embarrassing for me, but I want others to hopefully learn about this drug and what it did to me. Note, not all bodies have the same reactions, so what I experienced could be different from someone else. See the post by Claire Carusillo, who’s life was improved by Spironolactone, for an understanding of how it could benefit.

I wish I had never started taking this medication.

The initial purpose of Spironolactone was to treat my PCOS in combination with a contraceptive (birth control). Meaning, Spironolactone was meant to treat (1) unbalanced hormones – high testosterone, (2) breakouts all over my body, (3) abnormal hair growth – primarily on my face/neck and around my groin/butt, eww.

Because I was still not seeing an improvement after a few months of being on a high-level oestrogen contraceptive and the Spironolactone, I stopped taking the Spironolactone. After a week, I had more breakouts and hair growth than before the drug, and now was experiencing cysts all over my body. In addition, I became excessively bloated. It was awful.

Needless to say, I went back on Spironolactone, but had determined that this needed to stop. Thus, my journey began towards discovering the correct diagnosis of Cushing’s Syndrome and the following treatment: brain surgery.

After the surgery, nearly a year after starting Spironolactone, I was advised to STOP taking it. Finally, I would be free. Unfortunately, I am still experiencing the fallout that I had experienced before – cysts and what-not. I knew this would happen, but it doesn’t make it any better.

To make it worse, I have never been able to resist popping impurities on my skin, even though I know it’s the worst thing you can do. I just hate them, though. I hate seeing the little, round, puss-topped bulges. I hate the hidden cysts that hurt so badly when touched, but hurt even more to squeeze out. So much hate. And then after I pop them, I hate the clear liquid that oozes out and hardens into a transparent yellow shell. I then hate myself for being so ugly.

file-6It’s an awful, self-destructive process: both mentally and physically.

I know these breakouts are related to my cessation of Spironolactone in combination with my hormone imbalance – especially after surgery, but I can’t help it.

Lately though, I’ve been trying different products to help me in hopes that I wont be driven to pop anything.

My Current Products

I’ve been using these for a couple months now, and the effectiveness seems to have decreased as my skins resistance to it has increased… Any suggestions?

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