Is the United States united?

What kind of nation are we becoming? How can the United States of America be respected by other nations if the majority of our citizens choose not to be actively supportive of their communities, and have no interest in making it a mandatory requirement?

I understand that there are opinions on this which declare that it is an infringement on our rights as American citizens – to force us to serve the nation – but if our citizens don’t support their nation by choice (such as those who disrespect President Trump, who currently represents our nation) why shouldn’t it be mandatory?

This comes back to the debate that I judged on October 21, 2017. The topic was on mandatory national service in one form or another. I didn’t go into my thoughts on this… but I think it’s a valid concern for out nation.

American citizens have forgotten that the United States is a great nation, one that fights for the rights of its citizens to exist and live; however, even a great nation cannot stand alone. Citizens need to be involved with their communities. They need to give back to this great nation that we are all a part of so that America can remain strong. If we don’t stand together as a nation, then why are we called the United States?

I know this is a hot topic, but I think it needs to be discussed… and I think we should all take a moment and consider WHY U.S. citizens do not act as a nation, but as individuals. Why have our citizens become disinterested in working towards better communities through community service? Why is national service looked at as less impressive than someone who goes to college or opens a business? Why are people of lower value if they choose to serve first? And WHY IS THIS EVEN UNDER DEBATE? We should be serving our nation and community automatically, the question of whether or not it should be mandatory should never have been necessary.

What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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