Changing Colours: Colour by Bloom

This week has been extremely difficult for me.

First, the fall semester started at the University of Nevada, Reno, and I discovered that I am in two classes which are graded almost entirely on group-based assignments… so now I must trust that others are as driven as myself and will work as hard as I do.

Second, I realized that I would not be able to finish my term (ending May 2018) as recording and corresponding secretary for the Nevada Sagebrush Chapter, and must now submit a formal resignation.

But the most difficult? Someone that I love dearly, who has been a powerful and supportive influence in my life, was diagnosed with breast cancer… my Gramma.

The last twenty-four hours have been hard… so hard. Almost unbearable.

But today, as my mom and I spent time together and discussed where I was going and what I needed to do in order to succeed, I found that I had begun to heal. Thanks to the kindness and love of my mom, I was able to open my mind to new possibilities and opportunities.

The thing is, in my despair I had forgotten that people are my source of happiness, and that people inspire me. Sometimes, you just need a reminder, and today, multiple strangers reminded me that I am a good human and that I am doing the right thing.

One of those reminders came from Billy Barth, the owner of Colour by Bloom (new website currently being designed), who welcomed my mom and I into his shop. While Billy assisted other guests, mom and I visited with two wonderful ladies, Becky and Melissa, and discovered that Billy was a source of inspiration to them, and to their projects. Excitedly, they began to share their projects with us, and we, in turn, shared ours with them.

It was such a gift to connect so quickly, and with such joy. But, even knowing that I enjoy meeting new people, I don’t believe it would have happened so quickly if not for the atmosphere that we were sharing in Billy’s shop. I believe that Billy’s design skills in combination with a product that feeds interest in home improvement and furniture restoration is what helped us to connect with such ease.


Billy’s shop boasts beautiful, hand-finished and restored furniture pieces that are absolutely stunning, and have been arranged in a comfortable, open design. The shop also offers an amazing product: chalk paint by Annie Sloan. The versatility of this paint spreads across multiple kinds of mediums, but the way that Billy has designed his shop makes you feel like you are home rather than in a paint store. Colour by Bloom is welcoming, warm, and artistic! Everything that you want in a new and fun Reno business!


This is what I needed today, a reminder that I am human, and that other humans are doing the same thing that I am: living to be happy.

After those ladies left, mom and I talked with Billy about furniture projects. Then, Billy and I progressed into discussing social media, websites, and business cards. Me being me, I offered to help re-design his business cards for a new feel. Whether or not he goes with my idea (still being designed), is up to him. Honestly, I’m just excited to help support another good human in their desire to live happily.

If you find happiness and inspiration of others to be a source of happiness in your life,
I invite you to comment below and share that happiness!
The world could always use a little more! ❤

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