Changing domain from “Consult Button” to “Kiminy Cricket”

I know a brand name change isn’t easy, but I felt like it was time to move on. And, I didn’t choose Kiminy Cricket half-haphazardly. Let me tell you why:

The Origin of Cricket

In 2014, I worked for Silver Legacy Resort Casino first as a Front Desk Agent, and then quickly promoted to a VIP Representative. Back then it was owned and operated by the Carano family, and the people there worked hard to keep the atmosphere friendly and fun!

One of the kinder, more spiritual VIP Hosts was nick-named Lacey, and one day he started calling me Cricket. I don’t think he ever said why, but at the time it made me laugh, and I felt special having a nickname. Later I realized that out of most of the people he was exposed to, I was one of the few with a very strong moral compass that gave good advice – I was Jiminy Cricket.

Every once in a while I’ve thought of my people there, often with happiness, so “Cricket” never really left my thoughts.

The Awakening of Cricket

A month ago, we were in a meeting and did a team-building exercise where we told the group what we thought our spirit animal was. I was one of the last to go. I’ll be honest, I was really stressed-out trying to pick something symbolic of myself. And then I thought of Jiminy and a sense of peace came over me, and I knew he was it.

My turn came and I said I was a cricket, but not just a cricket, I was Jiminy Cricket. I pointed out that Jiminy was a fictional animal, but I still identified very strongly with what he represented. There was a moment of silence, and then I heard “Yeah, I totally see that. You’re definitely a Jiminy Cricket.”

And then people started laughing and the room got loud and excited, and people wanted to change their selection because I had altered the parameters. It was awesome to see.

Three weeks following that, I was in a meeting with one of my favorite Producers and he said that he wanted to start doing nicknames – especially since there are now 5 Kims in this studio – so I told him Cricket.

And so Cricket returned.

The Site Transformation

It’s not that I don’t like Consult Button anymore, but I feel like it’s time to change. Consult Button was interesting, but I’m Cricket, Kiminy Cricket. And I think that’s a part of who I am, it’s part of my story.

I kept the color scheme: Blue, Black, White. But, I changed the logo to a black and white version of my own picture:

Beyond that, I’m going to have to think of a new, creative @ tag since “@KiminyCricket” is taken in most social media platforms.

Let me know what you think.

Do you like the new name?

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