5 Suggestions for Creating an Effective Survey

There are infinite ways to create a survey, and not all of them are effective and/or accurate. Here are some key points for how to create great surveys!

Protecting Our Innocents

I believe strongly in supporting my community, in helping people, in the greater good. However, if I were ever to run into the abusive parents, I don’t know what I would do.

Random Encounter: Wind Chimes?

I’m surprised they didn’t send me back outside, especially when you consider that this was in downtown Reno which is known for oddballs. But they didn’t. And I respect them for that.

Not All Trolling is Bad

Don’t look at trolls as the Big Bad Wolf. They’re not. They are just people who have a access to the internet, and can say and do things online – the same as you, they just do it differently.