My Reads

Names of books with Strikethrough are books that I have not yet read.

Lewis Carroll

Catherine Coulter

  • FBI Suspense Thriller Series: (1) The Cove, (2) The Maze, (3) The Target, (4) The Edge, (5) Riptide, (6) Hemlock Bay, (7) Eleventh Hour, (8) Blindside, (9) Blow Out, (10) Point Blank

Jude Deveraux

  • An Angel for Emily
  • The Blessing
  • Edilean Series: (1) Days of Gold, (2) The Scent of Jasmine, (3)¬†Promises [Vook], (4)¬†Lavender Morning, (5)¬†Scarlet Nights, (6)¬†Heartwishes, (7)¬†Change of Heart
  • Forever Trilogy: (1) Forever‚Ķ, (2)¬†Forever and Always, (3)¬†Always
  • James River Series: (1) Sweetbriar, (2) Counterfeit Lady, (3)¬†Lost Lady, (4)¬†River Lady
  • Montgomery/Taggert Series: (1)¬†The Black Lyon, (2) The Maiden, (3) The Velvet Promise, (4)¬†Highland Velvet, (5)¬†Velvet Song, (6)¬†Velvet Angel, (7)¬†The Heiress, (8)¬† The Raider, (9)¬†Mountain Laurel, (10) Eternity, (11) The Duchess, (12) Twin of Fire, (13) Twin of Ice, (14) The Temptress, (15) Wishes, (16) The Awakening, (17)¬†‚ÄúThe Invitation‚ÄĚ from The Invitation, (18)¬†The Princess, (19)¬†A Knight in Shining Armor, (20)¬†Sweet Liar, (21)¬†‚ÄúMatchmakers‚ÄĚ from The Invitation, (22)¬†‚ÄúChange of Heart‚ÄĚ from A Holiday of Love, (23)¬†‚ÄúJust Curious‚ÄĚ from A Gift of Love, (24)¬†High Tide, (25)¬†Holly, (26)¬†Someone to Love
  • The Mulberry Tree
  • Remembrance
  • The Summerhouse Series: (1) The Summerhouse, (2)¬†Return to Summerhouse, (3) As You Wish
  • Wild Orchids

Janet Evanovich

  • Plum Series: (1) One for the Money, (2) Two for the Dough, (3) Three to get Deadly, (4) Four to Score, (5) High Five, (6) Hot Six, (7) Seven Up, (8) Hard Eight, (9) To the Nines, (10) Ten Big Ones, (11) Eleven on Top, (12) Twelve Sharp, (12.5) Plum Lovin’, (13) Lean Mean Thirteen, (13.5) Plum Lucky, (14) Fearless Fourteen, (15) Finger Lickin’ Fifteen, (15.5) Plum Spooky, (16) Sizzling Sixteen

Julie Garwood

Alice Hoffman

Sherrilyn Kenyon

  • Dark-Hunter Series: (1) Night Pleasures, (2) Night Embrace, (3) Dance with the Devil, (4) Kiss of the Night, (5) Night Play, (6) Seize the Night, (7) Sins of the Night, (8) Unleash the Night, (9) Dark Side of the Moon, (10) The Dream Hunter, (11) Devil May Cry, (12) Upon the Midnight Clear, (13) Dream Chaser, (14) Acheron, (15) One Silent Night, (16) Dream Warrior, (17) Bad Moon Rising, (18) No Mercy

Stephen King

  • Carrie
  • Insomnia
  • It
  • ‘Salem’s Lot
  • The Shining
  • Skeleton Crew: (1) The Mist, (2) Here There Be Tygers, (3) The Monkey, (4)¬†Cain Rose Up, (5)¬†Mrs. Todd‚Äôs Shortcut, (6) The Jaunt, (7)¬†The Wedding Gig, (8)¬†Paranoid: A Chant, (9)¬†The Raft, (10) Word Processor of the Gods, (11)¬†The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands, (12)¬†Beachworld, (13)¬†The Reaper‚Äôs Image, (14)¬†Nona, (15)¬†For Owen, (16) Survivor Type, (17) Uncle Otto‚Äôs Truck, (18)¬†Morning Deliveries (Milkman No. 1), (19)¬†Big Wheels: a Tale of the Laundry Game (Milkman No. 2), (20)¬†Gramma, (21)¬†The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet, (22)¬†The Reach
  • The Stand
  • Thinner
  • Under the Dome

George R. R. Martin

  • Game of Thrones: (1) A Game of Thrones, (2) A Clash of Kings, (3) A Storm of Swords, (4) A Feast for Crows, (5) A Dance with Dragons

Christopher Paolini

Nora Roberts

J. K. Rowling

  • Harry Potter: (1) The Sorcerer’s Stone, (2) The Chamber of Secrets, (3) The Prisoner of Azkaban, (4) The Goblet of Fire, (5) The Order of Phoenix, (6) The Half-Blood Prince, (7) The Deathly Hallows

Lemony Snicket

Mark Sullivan

J. R. R. Tolkien

Miscellaneous Authors

More Additions to Come…

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