How to Block Websites

As I’m searching for different wedding related items, I am consistently bombarded with JJs House. And I REFUSE to link to their site because I already tried to work with them and had a truly bad experience. I tried to cancel an order before it was made, and they weren’t going to let me. ActuallyContinue reading “How to Block Websites”

Changing domain from “Consult Button” to “Kiminy Cricket”

I know a brand name change isn’t easy, but I felt like it was time to move on. And, I didn’t choose Kiminy Cricket half-haphazardly. Let me tell you why: The Origin of Cricket In 2014, I worked for Silver Legacy Resort Casino first as a Front Desk Agent, and then quickly promoted to aContinue reading “Changing domain from “Consult Button” to “Kiminy Cricket””