Begin Building the Empire

I think a lot of commentary I saw online at the start of President Trump’s term predicted that Trump was going to be like the Emperor (aka the Sith Lord, aka the Supreme Chancellor) and take our rights and freedoms away.

They were wrong.

Well, partly wrong. The rights and freedoms have been taken away, but not by President Trump. Instead they have been taken by large social media platforms and local government officials.

Over the last year, Governors, Mayors, and other elected officials across the United States, have forced businesses to close while keeping “essential” companies open. They stripped people of their right to free speech and used peer-pressure to force citizens to comply. They removed the physical connections and physical contact that humanity has always made a primary source of existence – and for what? A virus that the statistical data can’t prove is the start of an apocalypse? A virus that isn’t really more than a flu bug in terms of loss of life?

We’re are heading into an age of Empirical rule because people have been told to sit down and be quiet – and they didn’t question it. Much like the citizens in the Empire, american citizens haven’t questioned the lords and leaders use of fear-mongering to destroy communities. Most of us fear a stranger, a neighbor, a friend. We fear that one false step will send us into a forced lockdown or forced quarantine. And for some people, the fear is rooted in the loss of livelihood and the business they have spent their whole life creating.

Social Media though, they have been even worse than the government. They hide under the recognized title of a publishing company, which should not be able to monitor the works being presented by the people using the platform, and yet these “free-speech” platforms are the biggest offenders when it comes to hiding things they don’t want seen. Even now, they are finding ways to stop information. Google Pay, Apple Pay, Amazon – all three companies shut down Parler because they felt that Parler was inciting violence.

I hate to break it to you, Social Media monopolists, but people like Nancy Pelosi and even the Obamas have been inciting violence for FOUR YEARS – (maybe even TWELVE YEARS since Obama was extremely divisive while he was in office). It wasn’t President Trump who told people to confront people in restaurants, it was Maxine Waters (D) of CA. It wasn’t President Trump who told people to burn it down, it was Kim Olson (D) of TX. There’s more, but why bother? Anyone who would read what I’m writing has been paying attention and understands my point.

I’ve lost friends over the last year because they believed that the destruction was acceptable. Where I saw someone’s life and someone’s business, they saw an opportunity for filing with an insurance company. Where I saw ruination of a neighborhood and community, they saw a chance for people in the area to rebuild it. I disagree with their point of view, and I was unable to accept that destroying or taking someone else’s property could be an acceptable thing to do in any circumstance.

My point is this, because of unlawful shenanigans that courts are unwilling to order investigations on, we will have a new President come Jan 20. This president has proven to be useless in government (48 yr history w/ no change). This president has proven to be useless in sharing their own thoughts and opinions (“listen here fat”). This president is nothing but a talking piece for the emperor sith lord hiding somewhere in the background.

If we, as Americans, want to destroy the empire they are building, we need to find this sith lord and bring them to justice, and pray to god that their apprentice doesn’t just take over in their place.

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